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BA- portable UV Lamps


BA Portable UV lamp

Brief introduction:

This UV lamp is one ofTLC analytic instruments The lamp and the stand can be separated thanks to the portable design. The stand holds the lamp in a position optimized for viewing 20x20cm models. It shields off extraneous light on three sides. 5mm thick model can be pushed after the screen plate. When the lamp is anti- put on the stand, it can be used in the examination and photography of (DNA RNA), protein and enzyme field. The lamp can be taken in hand for examining materials; hence it is called the portable UV lamp.

We choose filter and the UV tube with good quality,so that the transmission efficiency is increased 1-2 times. It has characteristics of smaller power, the quantity of heat is low and easy to operate.

Technical specifications:
BA-A254nm 1,365nm 1,BA-B312mm 2
BA-C254mm 2,BA-D365mm 2
UV filter: 50×200 mm1
Power: 12W 220V 50-60HZ
Size: 340 (L)×130 (W)×190(H) mm

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