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ZF-I Triple use UV Lamps

ZF-I Triple use UV lamp

Brief introduction:
The UV lamp is one of series equipments of TLC,suitted especially in the medicine analysis of TLC, paper layer analyses, biochemical gel analysis, fluorescence spot detection. We choose filter and the UV tube with good quality,so that the transmission efficiency is increased 1-2 times.
The lamp still have a fluorescent lamp to be used for samples. It has characteristics of smaller power, the quantity of heat is low and easy to operate.
AnotherUV lamps of 11W U lamp tube, the UV illumination may enhance one time.

the UV lamp
ZF(A): 1 of 254nm, 1 of 365nm and 1 of fluorescent lamp
ZF--B:2 of 254nm and 1 of fluorescent lamp
ZF--C:2 of 365nm and 1 of fluorescent lamp
ZF--D:2 of 312nm and 1 of fluorescent lamp
UV filter :50×200 mm
transmittance ratio: ≮ 68% At254nm≮ 86% At365nm
Power: 20W 220 V50-60HZ        

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