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ZS- UV Anilysis Video System

Brief introduction:
ZS model is is one of series equipments of TLC, which is used specially to shoot the sample fluorescence spot and fluorescence quenching sample plate. The photography is separate with black-box.If with color camera system or digital camera ,it can be connected to the computer image processing or direct multi-media teaching. It chooses the efficient electronic rectifier of energy saving , This ensures optimum light effciency and eliminates synchronization problems with electronic cameras.It compact designed and used conveniently.Normally also serves as a UV detect Instrument or data copy equipment

Technical specifications:
UV lamp: 254 nm 6 W 220 V50HZ2
365 nm 6 W 220 V50HZ 2
Fluorescent lamp: GB 6 W 220 V50HZ2
UV filter: 50×200 mm2 flats
Transmittance ratio:254nm ≮ 68%,365nm ≮ 86%:
Power: 40W 220 V ±10%, 50-60HZ   

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