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BD-I-II Electrically Sampler

BD-I-Ⅱ TLC Electric Sampler

Brief introduction:

BD-I TLC Electric Sampler is one of series equipments of TLC, It has the heating platform of stainless steel. 0-110 ℃isautomatic control. It can accelerate the sample solvent volatilization , reduce the spot diameter and improve the separation effect. Electric control presses the 60 route millimeters and shape of pin mark, surmount sample of by hand to tremble, thin layer is hollow ,it can raise board effect.


Sample way: contact Sample
Sample shape: dot shape
Sample platform: the largest can hold 200 * 200mm TLC plate
Platform heating power: 600W
Platform temperature :0-110 ℃ adjustable
Sample Syringe size: 10,50 ul
Sample accuracy: better than 1.0%
Sample repeatability: better than 1.5%
Sampling: syringe directly manipulate simple, to avoid air bubbles affectthe Sample accuracy .
Cleaning: the syringe can be removed directly to clean, easy to operate and clean thoroughly

Power: 220V ± 10%, 50-60HZ, 630W

Characteristic :

1. Instrument has the heating platform of stainless steel, when temperature is lower, may heat up sample , accelerates from this the evaporation of sample solvent and Reduce the proliferation of sample spot , makes spot small. .

2. Have electric sample tower, press needle rod with automatic control motor, surmount sample by hand to tremble. Avoid damaging layer. Sample spot hollow phenomenon will be not produce.        

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