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Brief introduction:
ZS model is is one of series equipments of TLC, which is used specially to shoot reflection and transmission imaging of fluorescent substances. Photography and black box be designed for integration.It makes optical performance better. If with color camera system or digital camera ,it can be connected to the computer image processing or direct multi-media teaching. It chooses the efficient electronic rectifier of energy saving , This ensures optimum light effciency and eliminates synchronization problems with electronic cameras.It compact designed and used conveniently.Normally also serves as a UV detect Instrument or data Copy equipment.

Technical specifications:
UV lamp: 254nm 6 W 220 V50HZ2 (reflection)
312nm 6W 220V 50HZ5 (transmission)
365nm 6 W 220 V50HZ 2(reflection)
Fluorescent lamp:GB 6W 220 V50HZ 2 (reflection)
UV filter: 50×200 mm2 flats
150×200 mm 1 flat(transmission)
Transmittance ratio:254nm ≮ 68%,365nm ≮ 86%:
Power: 60W 220 V ±10%, 50-60HZ



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