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YS-TLC Derivatization Immersion device
Brief introduction:
The inherent advantages of TLC is a separation of fragments remain in the TLC plate and can be carried out after derivatization. Through the derivation, the material which originally did not respond to the visible or ultraviolet light can be detect. In many instances, through exclusive agents substance or the type of substances can be determined.
Derivatization can be completed by gas, liquid spray or dipping. Under any circumstances Reagents be required to evenly distributed in TLC plate.
Compare TLC Immersion device with TLC Sprayer,the reproducibility of derivatization is improved significantly. In addition, the use of this technology derived from the process will not produce smoke, The harmful chemical causes the possibility of the damage to be also low.
If the reagent is suitable ,It is the first choice thatImmersion to replace the atomize spray.

Technical specifications:
vertical speed :40mm / s.
Immersion time :1 - 60s alternative, or manually set arbitrarily.
The immersion device may also use in the TLC board prewashing.
To provide 20 × 20cmimmersionchamber.
Clear down after use, when clean the water temperature does not exceed 50 ℃.
Voltage: AC 220V Power: 60W            

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