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Brief introduction:
YOKO-AD Automatic Sampler is one of our company newest series of analysis equipments of TLC.
1.the domestic first Automatic Sampler for dot, stripe Sample, computer process control, programmable 50 kinds of methods, each method can be compiled 100 steps. Method can be indefinite memory retention. LCD displays, Samplestatus real-time display
2.using the company's proprietary design of non-contact spray-point-like bodies, can be a single point, multi-point, point-like shape of segment. Forward-point sample, reverse dot-like, repeat spotting. Therefore, to facilitate the operation, improve work efficiency.
3.with point-like needle size default function, the volume (for example, 10,25,50,100 ul) point-like pin-point accuracy can be like.
4.using high-precision stepper motor control, positioning point of sample accurate; equipped with stainless steel heating units, comprehensive heating, constant temperature thin-layer plate,
  Increase the separation degree and reproducibility.

Sample way: Spraying samples in the form of bands or/and points onto TLC/HPTLC layers., support overlapping sample. Computer programmed control, programmable 50 methods, each method programmable 100 steps, LCD demonstrated.
Sample shape:Points, bands.
Sample platform: It is may put 200 * 200mmTLC plat
Platform heating power: 600WThe temperature of35-200 ℃ is automaticcontrol
Sample band length: 0( spot sample) - 190 mm( be used in half preparation TLC)
Platform moves: The high accuracy steping motor control, automatic protection around the route.
Syringe actuates: The high accuracy steping motor control, automatic protection around the route.
Syringe specifications: Match 10ul , 50needle,it may choose to match 25 and100 ul
Sample accuracy: It is better than 1.0%
Sample reappearance: It is better than 1. 5%
Sampling: Syringe to directly inhale sampler, control is simple and convenient, avoiding to produce bubble to affect sample precision
Syringe wash: It may take sample syringe to wash directly , operate convenience,
With no oil air compressor: 0-0.12Mpar may be controlled
Gas is consumed: 0.1-2.0L/min may be controlled
Power: 630W220 V ±10%, 50-60 HZ,
Size: 420( length) *400s ( width ) * 350 ( Height) mm
Weight: 9.5 kgs                


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