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TLC Scanner Series

YOKO-2000 TLC Video Scanner

YOKO-2002 TLC Portable Video Scanner

YOKO-2005 TLC Double Video Scanner

YOKO-3000 TLC Auto Scanner
TLC Sampler Series
BD-I-Ⅱ Electric Sampler
TD Electric Spray Bands Sampler
AD Automatic Sampler by Spray-on Technique
AS-TLC Auto Multi Syringe Sampler
 TLC Immersion Series
XR-I-ⅡTLC Plate Heater

PN-Electric TLC Sprayer

PX-TLC Spray Cabinet

YS-TLC Derivatization Immersion device

BL-Bioluminize Scaner


TLC Plate Coater Series

TF- TLC Plate Coater by hand

BF-I-II Automatic TLC Plate Coater

BF-Ⅲ TLC Plate Coater

ZF-I Triple use UV lamp

ZX- UV Analysis Cabinet

BA- Portable UV lamp

Ultraviolet FluorescentTable

Ultraviolet/White light Table

ZS- UV Anilysis Video System

ZS-Ultraviolet Video System

CS- UV Direct/Transmitted Video System

 conveyance Series
LB- folding Drying rack LB- folding Drying rack
CA -TLC Plate Box
TLC multi-plate Chamber

IA- Iodine steam generator

BQ TLC Plate Cutter

Other Product

Twin Trough Chambers
Silica Powder,Glass Plates

TLC Precoat Plates

UV-light Tube,UV Filter

Oxford cup, Oxford cup laying machine

DZ-TLC multi plate Chamber


Instrument introduction:
BF-III Coater is the major one in the products of TLC ,wich is research from engineers of medicine analysis and instrument technicians, combinning the analysis working experience of TLC with foreign advanced technique .the major convenient to analysis worker, meet the needs of analysis work coating different thickness TLC board.

Technical parameters:
Mumber of coating plate :Each can be coated with one of the following specifications
200×200mm                       4 blocks
200×100mm                       8 blocks
200×50mm                        16 blocks
100×100mm                       8 blocks
100×50mm                        16 blocks
Coated board system:Not parallel degree≤ 0.04 mm
Pass rate: 99.5%
System-time: About 10 seconds
Working hours :Continuously for 24 hours
Power: 10w220 V Weight:5kg

Characteristic :
BF-III type automatic coater is the newest developed new models, as the main form of  stainless steel structure and super-stable operation ,  which is to meet the needs of  a small amount of TLC plate preparation..This model run smoothly , high-quality system board, with a pass rate of over 99.5% , the low rate of failures, maintenance conveniently.It can be widely used to TLC analysis of qualitative and quantitative, isolation and identification.            

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